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Young People


Youth Café

Youth café is a place for our secondary school age children to meet and to eat toast, drink hot

chocolate or coke and to ask the big questions about the world.


We meet in the upstairs room in Tring Church after school on Mondays. We finish by 5 pm


We go out for occasional trips (to a pizza restaurant or bowling). We have had a sleep over in church. We watch films. We sometimes lead the worship at Tring Church.

Dads 'n' lads 'n' daughters

This is an annual camping weekend when the fathers take away their children for a night under canvas. We have use of a small field in Puttenham. We play games, we BBQ and then sit around a camp fire. To see some of what happened on previous events, click here.


We would put more information about it on the website, but then there would be a danger of the mums finding out what actually happened!


Without a doubt it is the highlight of the year for many of church children.

Fish Club

Children are a vital part of the life of any community and the church is no exception. In fact Jesus scolded those who thought that children should be seen and not heard. Our spiritual journey begins as life begins and one of our delights at the church is baptising babies as an expression of God’s unconditional love for them as they start out on life’s journey (although, for those who weren’t baptised as babies, it’s never to late!)


In the Tring Team Parish, we recognise that our spiritual needs change during our lives – for example, coming to church at 8 am for a service from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer may not be every 5 year-old’s cup of tea, and it can be hard for a little one to concentrate through the whole of a 10 am service. We have, therefore, a range of activities to help people of different ages explore their spiritual journey, and we have a Fish Club to help them on that journey.


Whenever a child attends a church service or a church activity in our churches they are encouraged to put a sticker on their fish club card. When they reach twenty stickers they are given a small reward.


In the ancient church when Christians were persecuted the symbol of a fish was a secret sign to Christians used to identify themselves. The greek word for fish Ichthys is an acronym for Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Saviour

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