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A History of St. Cross


Built in 1877 by Smith and Fincher of Tring and the revised cost, excluding the chancel and porch was £1470.15.6, the west and east walls being temporarily constructed of brick. The site was the gift of Joseph Grout Williams of Pendley who also gave the iron railing and a generous gift of £597. Other gifts to the church in 1878 included the Lords Table which was presented to the Church by the Reverend W.C. Masters and Mrs. Bowen of Tunbridge Wells and was made locally in the wheelwright's shop at Pear Tree Cottage, owned at that time by Mr. Joseph Hare, the craftsman being Mr. Walter Timson who lived in one of the cottages at Wilstone Green.


The question "Why 'St. Cross'.?" has been asked many times. According to Canon A.C. Deeds, Master of Winchester's Hospital of St. Cross, the answer lies in the fact that ‘St’ is an abbreviation of the latin word ‘Sanctus’, sacred or holy. The full title is therefore "The Church of the Holy Cross."


A small extension was added for the millennium 2000 to provide an improved entrance, kitchen facility, access ramp and toilet to disability standards.


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St. Cross - WILSTONE

St Cross (2) Strawberry Tea on 30 July (1)