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Weddings… more information

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Marriage is both a religious and legal ceremony.  It is important that we follow the correct legal procedures.  The normal legal process is for banns of marriage to be published in church.  Banns may be published for: anyone who lives within the Tring Team Parish; anyone with a ‘qualifying connection’ with the Tring Team Parish; anyone on the church electoral roll of the Tring Team Parish.  It is best to give us a call to check that we are allowed to marry you.



What happens next?

We are always happy to meet up with you as many times as you would like.  One of the joys for us is getting to know you as couples and to help you organise your service.  We are not a wedding business, we are not trying to make money from your wedding, we just want to be able for you to celebrate God's gift of love.  There are a number of meetings we find it helpful to have.


First Meeting - as soon as possible

The best thing to do is to give one of us a call.  When you call us, we will make a time to meet you as soon as possible so we can deal with the administration / legalities. Don’t worry we will not be quizzing you, but we do need to deal with the legal requirements and will start to help you think about marriage. We are aware that it can seem daunting to call the Vicar about marriage but we are here to help. Once we have a date booked in we will steer you through the next steps.


Second meeting - a year to six months before your wedding

We would like to meet up with you to think about the vows you are going to make.  We would also like to invite you to join us at our Sunday morning services so you can get used to the church and to have an opportunity to think about the vows you will take in the presence of God. It also helps us get to know you.


Service planning meeting - four months to two months before your wedding

We would like to meet up with you to when you have had a chance to plan your service, but before it is printed to make sure everything is in place and to answer any of your questions.


Banns - two months before your wedding

We will invite you to hear your banns being called on 1st 3 Sundays of month preceding your wedding (i.e. if you are married in August it will be 1st 3 Sundays of July).




Who to call?

Tring & Puttenham Weddings

Please call Huw on 01442 822170


Wilstone Weddings

Please call Didier on 01525 240465


Long Marston Weddings

Please call Jane on 01442 822170


Aldbury Weddings

Please call Michelle on 01442 851200


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