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A History of St Mary's


Early C14 nave and aisles (proportions 1:2 suggest fabric of narrow nave may be older); early C15 W tower, nave clearstorey and elaborate nave roof; chancel largely rebuilt 1851 for Rev Thomas Holme retaining older features; S porch rebuilt 1869 and again in general restoration 1888-9 by Carpenter & Ingelow for Rev Robert Merrick when the chancel floor raised and relaid, roofs repaired and tower parapets and

turret-top rebuilt.


The Grade I listed church is built on clay and is in the Aylesbury Vale. Consequently this has meant drainage has been poor and the church has suffered with damp problems. A few years ago, swales, or drainage channels, were cut in the churchyard round the church perimeter to improve drainage This was achieved and in 2017 major restoration works were completed with the new nave floor raised to that of the chancel and new heating and lighting systems installed.


Puttenham is one of the 51 Thankful Villages in England and Wales that suffered no fatalities during the Great War of 1914 to 1918.

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