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Baptisms/Christenings… more info for parents


By choosing to have your child christened you are giving your child the best possible start. Your child will be taking their first steps on an amazing journey. A christening marks the start of a lifetime of discovery about the Christian faith and how life-changing that can be. It’s a journey of surprises, challenges and adventure. And through it all, God is always with us.


At the heart of the christening service is the baptism with water. The Vicar will pour water onto your child’s head and say “I baptise you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” It is a sign that God knows your child by name and takes delights in them.



Please come to one of our regular Sunday services for a thanksgiving before the baptism. The gift of a child is a wonderful thing. Life is precious. The thanksgiving is an opportunity to join with the regular churchgoers to give thanks for your child. No water is used because the baptism is something that happens at a later date. If you are uncertain about baptism, or do not feel ready to make the serious commitment that is involved in baptism, then a thanksgiving service may be an appropriate and joyful celebration and naming ceremony in its own right.



We run monthly baptism preparation sessions. Whether it is your first child or you are old hands it is really good to attend these. You will meet others bringing their children for baptism and we can explain more about the service. It is also your opportunity to ask any questions.  Dates for 2019 are 13th January, 10th February, 10th March, 14th April, 12th May, 9th June, 14th July, 11th August, 8th Sept, 13th Oct, 8th Dec (no session in Nov because of Remembrance)  For more info call Mike one 01442 890407 or email 



It is important for us to get the correct information. The service is only ‘booked’ when we have received the form back from you either electronically or by hand. We need it back at least four weeks before the baptism. The details go into the baptism register; part of the official records of the land.



It is wonderful to have all of your family and friends gather

as we use the water of baptism to start your child on

this amazing journey with God.


Download a baptism order of service Download a donations form Download info about the Thanksgiving Download a godparents info sheet Download a parents info sheet Download an application form IMG_0613 Back to baptism home More information for godparents