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We believe that small groups where people can get to know each other better, share their faith and above all share each other’s hopes and concerns through prayer are an essential part of the life of the church. To enable this to happen we are developing a network of house groups across the parish.


The majority of these groups will be quite general in nature, attracting people from across the parish who want to meet in smaller groups other than our main Sunday services. Other groups will have a particular focus, for example we have: a daytime craft group; we have a play and pray group for those with very young children; those who value healing prayer meet as a group; and we also have a meditation group who meet for 45 minutes of silent prayer. We are aware this will not be everyone’s cup of tea but we hope that the right group exists for you.


If you would like to join a house group please call or email Huw 01442 822170

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