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Baptisms/Christenings… Godparents role

Infant Baptism in the Tring Team Parish

The Baptism process in the Tring Team Parish will hopefully help you in understanding Baptism so you and your Godparents are ready on the day and can enjoy your child’s Baptism with your family and the wider church family you are bringing your children into.


Once you have contacted us to request a Baptism for your child we will discuss with you dates and times and one of our clergy who will be leading the service will contact you to take the process forward.


The priest who will be leading the service of Baptism for your child will arrange to meet you, normally at your home, to go through some of the key elements of the service and of Baptism in general.


A form can be downloaded from our website (here) or as a paper copy from the priest should be returned to us as soon as possible as it provides the key information we need to progress the booking., even if not all the information is available, as this is used by us to ensure we have the booking for the service. Additional information can always be added later.


We meet up as a group with families planning baptisms, and with any prospective godparents who can make it, so we can talk through the service and what Baptism means for your child, you and the godparents, and the church as a whole. It is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to hear answers to these and others peoples questions. These meetings are held in the Emmie Hobbs room in St Peter and St Paul’s church from 11:20am after the ‘Worship for All’ service on the 2nd Sunday of the month and last for about 1 hour.

The dates for the Sunday meetings in 2017 are:

8th January     12th February     12th March              9th April           14th May                  11th June

9th July             13th August        10th September   8th October     12th November      10th December


In the Tring Team the process of baptism begins with a service of ‘Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child’. This provides an occasion to thank God for your child and if you are uncertain about baptism this does not need to progress to Baptism at this time. The Thanksgiving usually takes place within the main service on a Sunday.


In the Baptism Service, your child is baptized with water and God’s Spirit and is welcomed into membership of the body of Christ, the Church.


After the service your child will be Welcomed into the church community. If the baptism takes place at the 10 am service this will happen as part of that service. If the baptism is at a separate service you will be invited to the next appropriate service so that the congregation can welcome your child into their family.


Baptism is not just something that happens once and is then done with, it is an ongoing commitment by Parents, Godparents and the church to support your children as they continue to walk with God. For information on what we are doing in this parish please look on our website  or talk to one of the ministry team.


We hope that helps in understanding how we provide for Baptism in this parish however if you have any questions please contact us to discuss them. We look forward to hearing from you to take forward the Baptism of your child.