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You will be able to find any handouts and notes which our speakers have made available for download on this page


Syrian Workshop

Syria the Crisis.  Dr Caroline Ellwood  15th Nov 2015

About 40 of us met and Caroline led us through some of the complexities of Syria. She introduced us to some of Syria's rich history, including the historic Caliphates.  We saw how there are a myriad of competing interests in Syria.  We saw how the West had not envisaged the mass migration and as little as four years ago we had not heard of ISIS.  




Between a Rock and Hard Place.  Magazine article written by Caroline in 2013 (ie before ISIS hit the headlines)


Syria some background notes by Caroline (poor scan)


Syria some quotes (poor scan)


Syria at the cross roads of history - a timeline of syrian history


Syria "the management of savagery"  a Jihadist interpretation of Sharia law




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