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What do we mean when we say that we believe in the Bible?  

Do we have to believe the story of creation or can we accept it as a myth?  

Is there more truth contained in a poem than there is in a simple fact?

How do we reconcile some of the inconsistencies in the Biblical narratives?

How has translation changed meaning over time?  

How do we find the living Word of God in the 21st Century rather than get trapped in an historical prison?  


These are some of the questions we might explore with our Bible study.  The Bible is hugely important to us, and we want to study it using all of the tools which are available.  As a liberal parish we believe that the Spirit of God continues to reveal God’s purpose to us know and that we can continue to interpret the Bible for modern times.


Dates of bible studies will be advertised in the pewsheets and calendar


Bible Study

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