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Funerals… after the funeral


At a funeral service we often emphasise how important it is to go on remembering our loved ones. As we tell stories we are reminded of the love which we received from them. Christians proclaim that nothing is able separate us from the love of God, for love is eternal.

In St Peter & St Paul’s Church Tring and St John the Baptist Church Aldbury there are books of remembrance. These churches are open every day so you can visit and see the books.

Books of Remembrance

If you have a burial in one of our church yards it is likely that you will want to have a headstone.  Normally we would advise you wait for six months to allow the soil to settle.  Our churches are all listed buildings and a form of planning permission is needed to allow headstones.  There is a special form which needs to be completed.  Please ask the clergy for a copy of this so that you can take it to the monumental mason.  There are also certain regulations which need to followed.  These can be found here.  It does mean that not all of the design which you may be shown by a monumental mason are permitted.  The Diocese of St Albans does however encourage individual designs from Monuments by Artists.  Again please talk to the clergy if you would like more advice.

Services of Remembrance

In the Christian Year we have a season of Remembrance. November 1st is All Saints Day. On this day we remember those who have been examples to the church. The following day is All Souls Day, on this day we remember all those that we have known, but see no longer. We have an annual service of remembrance in the church at this time of year. We will try and write to everyone to invite them to this service but please do look in the church magazine or on the website closer to the time to find out the exact time.

Headstones and burial of ashes

In many cases, arranging a funeral keeps people so busy that they don't feel their loss fully until afterwards. Grieving is natural and important, and it may take a long time. Many people find that others who have lost a loved one can offer valuable comfort and support. If you would like more information please contact Rev’d Huw Bellis 01442 822170 or email



Talking to someone